You are about to relocate and have to choose a moving company.

It goes without saying that the price is important, but we at Limo J.C. find that service comes first!

Tip – think of these questions when making a decision:

  • How efficient and reliable is the staff?
  • Is the correct equipment used for the job?
  • Is the furniture protected in the right way?
  • Are the safety measures applied?
  • Is the price quotation correct and can you easily check it?

Contact us and discover what we can do for you:

Low Budget formulas

You have found help, but would like to relocate in a professional way.

Solution: We bring the necessary equipment and at least 2 professional movers.

See prices in the ‘relocation store’

Full Service formulas:

Relocations are never identical; this makes our job so interesting.

We arrange a meeting to come by and create an estimate for executing your relocation.
We will obviously listen to your wishes and demands, so we can create a proposal that fits your needs.

Everything is possible.

If desired:

  • We deliver packing material before the date of the relocation.
  • We partly or entirely pack your possessions.
  • We take care of the necessary disassembly and assembly of your furniture.
  • We take care of the necessary parking reservations for the moving van and elevator during your relocation.

International relocations

You are planning a relocation abroad. Allow us to create a project for you that fits your needs.
We come by your residence and create an inventory of your possessions, discuss your project and take your wishes and demands into account.
For this kind of project working with a reliable partner is essential!

FYI: Internationally, we exclusively work “Door to Door”.