Quality charter of a licensed mover


As member of the Belgian Movers association, Limo J.C. meets all the legal requirements when it comes to professionalism and reliability. As “Licensed Mover” we acknowledge following quality principles:

  • Working in accordance to the commercial practices, with respect for the accounting, fiscal and social legislation.
  • Working on the basis of a clear and detailed quote and/or rates and the corresponding BKV-conditions.
  • Vouching for a correct execution of the entrusted tasks.
  • Discuss possible risks with the customers and give them proper information on insurance possibilities.
  • Only use skilled, reliable and well trained personnel for the execution of tasks.
  • Use vehicles, lifts and other tools that are specially equipped to perform the given tasks and apply to the technical standards.
  • Use environment friendly and adjusted wrapping materials.
  • Take care of the entrusted furniture and objects in a safe, well-equipped storage space.
  • Settle in a correct and controllable manner.
  • Making yourself known via the logo of “Licensed Mover”